The comic strips and texts present in this site are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution - ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

The VikBZ logo (present also in the comic strips) is a trademark to which the above creative commons is not applicable.

logo VikBZ

This logo can only be used when referring to this site but this does not mean that there is any form of agreement, grant or affiliation with this site.

The logo must not be modified in any way and must be adequately separated from other symbols or irrelevant texts.

How can I use the comic strips?!

The following is an informal explanation to clarify the license argument but it does not in any way replace it nor have any legal value.

You can print, modify, and share them or even use them for commercial purposes, always with reference to the attribution clause: indicating clearly who the author is and the clause "share the same way" present in the license.

For example you can use the comic strips on: books, newspapers, brochures, fliers, t-shirts, stickers or other gadgets. You can sell them without any restrictions apart from those mentioned in the license.

Of course this also includes the web sites. You can include the comic strips on your web site under the conditions mentioned in the license.

However it's important to remember, as mentioned above, that the comic strips can be freely used also for commercial purposes but not the logo VikBZ..

How to give credit:

To give credit to the strips (and/or text) all you have to do is indicate as author:

When using digital media support, we would like (where it's possible) a link to the comic strip page or to the homepage of this web-site.

You can also add other information (for example the title of the comic strip, the full name of the site, the authors, etc...).

Some examples of how to credit the strips:

The following is a short list of some examples of attributions that may be present in the comic captions:

Share Section:

The strip's URL address (also the shorter version for twitter) is in the "share" section of each strip page. In this section there are also images of the strips and their embed codes (HTML and BBcode). The images in this section already have the copyright credit therefore it's not necessary to insert it but a link to the strip page or to the homepage would be appreciated.

Link HTML code example:

by <a href="" target="_blank"></a>