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The Viking Business is a web comic set in the viking era, and represents today's working world and it's problems.

VikBZ employee photos

The saga narrates about a group of employees belonging to a small old norse company, VikBZ and all their daily mishaps and countless battles against incompetent leaders, directors and managers. Their debates during coffee breaks concerning social or political related problems, fashion requests or the carrying out cultural traditions.

Even though there are some slight historical errors, this web comic reveals the real reason behind the fall of the Viking society, and the birth of humanity's biggest problem ever ...MANAGERS!!
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Web browsing and updates:

The comic strip on the home page is changed every Sunday and Thursday morning.

With every comic strip we propose another three, which are changed on a daily basis. There are also tags under the comic strips and of course search tools (on the top of the page next to the magnifying glass symbol or simply on the dedicated page: search).

If, on the other hand, you want to use the comic strip archive you can find it here: archive.

Work in progress:

The Viking Business has only recently started publishing in English and new comic strips are on their way.


Fabio Sassi:
Developer and creator of this web comic (regarding ideas and text).
Elisa Vignali:
She is our graphic artist converting texts into comics.

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The comic strips and texts present in this web site are released under Creative Commons Attribution - ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

For more information go to page: license.

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For information, questions or requests write to:

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