the Viking Business:

"Everything you ever wanted to know about vikings and managers but didn't have the courage to ask."

(a crispy fortune cookie from 930 A.D.)

two viking boats: one boat with managers and directors living it up, while being hauled by another viking boat with all the rest

The Viking Business

The Viking Business talks about the ancient Vikings' achievements and the untold truth about the cause of their downfall: MANAGERS

It's a web comic that illustrates the tough life in the working world.

Even though it's set in an era where anything could happen , except for this, it talks about all those big or small problems that many have to face everyday when they go to work.

Incompetent managers ...

That's right, even vikings had to deal with incompetent managers, nervy bosses and stingy directors. People who for some unknown reason , also to them, always get the jobs that require great leadership and intelligence, giving them the control of our lives and the right to exploit that tiny bit of power they have to their advantage. You can bet your boots they will find new ways to give you a hard time!

Historical facts:

Archaeological discoveries revealed that VikBZ was a small to medium sized company with about 40-60 employees (excluding soldiers) discovered around the beginning of the 9th century in an archaeological site near the area of York in England.

These excavations exposed the foundations of a more ancient Viking village. Some historians believe that in this village there was ... the infant, he who marked the beginning of the most tragical period in the history of mankind...the era of the managers (of which we have not yet been freed).

This is sustained by the discovery of many skeletons, in good condition, of two particular species of animals located between the monkey and Homo sapiens era. Infact amongst the skeletons were found those of the Management Insegnantis and others ofHomo Manager.

The evolutionists were in seventh heaven because they thought they had found the missing link between monkeys and man.

In fact the Homo Manager can't be classified as the missing link for many reasons: their thumbs are only partially opposable, preventing the fragmentation of stones and the ignition of fire, the size of their cranium is much smaller compared to the other hominids therefore preventing a correct termination of any type of activity and making them easily distractible. The limited movement of their thumbs is useful only for counting dollar bills and playing with very expensive electronic devices that begin with "i".

Homo Manager

If the historians are correct, it is in this area that the first (if not only) astute manager in the history of mankind, was born.

According to this theory , this creature is the author of a well calculated plan to assure for himself and his descendants a lifetime of prosperity without ever having to work.

The result of this plan is called: FINANCE.