VikBZ's super duper president

Like all second generation industrialists (those who have inherited their family's company) they don't have any real type of talent and their "new toy" is more of a money making machine rather than a group of people who work together to make quality products.

He has no idea or interest of what happens in his company ,it's problems or it's employees. All he wants to know is how to customize his ideal "dream" product with the collaboration of a handful of bootlickers (Hungar in pole position followed by Ignor, Itriana, Iskson...)

His role is more or less representative and the only time he ever intervenes or takes an active part in the company's doing is to buy useless items or to give senseless orders.

Like many rich men in the viking era Iskur's constant thought is himself. In their world things like workers, regulations, the government are only obstacles to overcome in their intent of reaching that money that makes them feel so satisfyingly intelligent and powerful. For these reasons they needed more money to anaesthetize their inferiority complex and therefore allowing them to look down with arrogance on everyone else.

He neglects his wife, Iskwife and children and to compensate he covers them with gifts.
The sons Iskson and Iskdaugther are in daddy's company, while his wife was hired as director in one of the VikBZ's branches.

He deceivingly tolerates those who he considers his equals, that is those who earn more or less the same wages.
Whilst in the company the only humans to whom he shows a bit of respect to are the other managers, he considers them similar to maids (v. Ignor).

And of course he has a lover, who he had to hire giving her an important position and a pay cheque to match.