The president's son - Director of the creative department

He is the leader of the so called creative department but also president Iskur's son ... which is, to be more precise, his real professional role. He is the typical rich boy: spoilt, incompetent, pretentious and a male chauvinist. He lurks in his father's shadow and has a lot of problems with all those things that can't be bought (do they exist?!).

He is generally meek but if he is put under pressure he reacts in that typical arrogant rich boy way: "My dad's the boss so: I win, you lose".

Even though he has an important role in his father's company he starts work when he wants and uses the same excuse every time "university courses". Iskson "studies": fashion, theatre, cooking and management.

He usually takes part in important company reunions with Ignor, Itriana and Iakfen, with whom he has personal interests. Furthermore his sister, Iskdaugther, also works in his department but only during summer vacations.

Oh, last but not least, he has a talking dog called Bobby.