Chief engineer - Technical department

Hakamn is in charge of all that has to do with the company's manufacturing. He and his staff build and assemble machinery, frameworks, mechanical parts, viking weapons and not only...

He is reliable and very competent in the the technical field, but unfortunately (and without asking his opinion) he often has to build things that are very badly planned and of scarce utility because the boss wants it!

Like a lot of others, he always has to fix problems caused by managers and directors due to their lack of organization (and not only). BeingThe in charge of the company's technical department means that conflict with the management department is inevitable and frequent. To top it off Ignor and Itriana are always bursting in with new "brilliant" ideas.

Amongst the workers in his department there is one in particular, Haern, even though inexperienced, who shows great will and ability.

He get's on with everyone in the company but his coffee breaks are usually with Ahreel, Haern, Kogamn e Tphon.